Sacramento Republic FC Fan Code of Conduct

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Sacramento Republic FC is committed to providing a fan experience that is enjoyable and respectful of the diverse audience that attends. Our staff will proactively intervene when the following inappropriate or offensive behavior affects the entertainment experience or safety of our fans:

  • Abusive language or obscene gestures including derogatory comments directed towards a person(s) race, religion, sex, national origin or appearance
  • Fighting, taunting or threatening remarks or gestures
  • Disruption of the match by a guest’s actions
  • Guests seated in a location other than their ticketed seat
  • Throwing objects of any kind*
  • Unauthorized entrance on the playing field or restricted areas
  • Intoxication or other signs of impairment
  • Obscene or indecent clothing
  • Displays of affection not appropriate in a public setting

If a guest interferes with the enjoyment of the match, please contact a Guest Service representative for assistance. Each guest should provide proof of ticket and be ready to display it to a Guest Service representative. All Season Ticket Holders are responsible for their conduct as well as those of their guests.

Warnings and Discipline

Fans found in violation of Sacramento Republic FC Code of Conduct face ejection from the event as well as potential bans from future stadium events. Individuals in violation of the Code of Conduct may receive a letter notifying him or her of their violation and a warning that their behavior may result in future ejections or disciplinary action.

* Exception for streamers in designated supporter groups sections.

Questions or concerns? Please contact Guest Services at home matches or contact Republic FC at (916) 307-6100 and